National de Socccer de Repentigny

Rules and regulations



17-19 AUGUST, 2018


The rules and regulations of FIFA, F.S.Q and A.R.S.L have been applied and modified in the following manner:

1. Tournament Committee

The organising committee of the tournament (the “Committee”) will be responsible for the entire organisation and all disciplinary measures.. All the Committee’s decisions and interpretation of the regulations will be final.


2. Age Categories Permitted

Born 2010

U07 L

Born 2009

U09 and ‘Espoirs’

Born 2008

U09 L and A

Born 2007

U10 L and A

Born 2006

U11 L and A

Born 2005

U12 L, A and AA

Born 2004

U13 A and AA

Born 2003

U14 L, A and AA

Born 2002

U15 A and AA

Born 2001

U16 L, A and AA

Born 1999

U18 L, A and AA

  • Recreatif or Local = Local
  • When the tournament only indicates a category A, this category included A D1 A D2. Teams of category A D3 are not permitted to enter the tournament.

The teams classified as A and AA will not play in the same group. The U8 ‘Espoirs’ will not play in the same group as the U8 ‘local.’


3. Number of Players

  • 5-a-side soccer: A maximum of 13 players
  • 7-a-side soccer: A maximum of 16 players
  • 9-a-side soccer: A maximum of 18 players
  • 11-a-side soccer: A maximum of 22 players

3.1 All registered players can play all matches


3.2 The categories who will play 5-a-side soccer: U7, U8, U8 Espoirs


3.3 The categories will play 7-a-side soccer: U9, U9A, U10 and U10A

3.4 The categories who will play 9-a-side soccer: U11L, U11A, U12L, U12A and U12AA

3.5 The categories which will play 11-a-side soccer: U13A, U13AA, U14, U14A, U14AA, U15A, U15AA, U16, U16A, U16AA, U18, U18A, U18AA

4. Team Eligibility

Teams must be registered with their Federation and/or Association and must participate in an outdoor summer league. Teams from outside of the Lanaudiere region must provide a original, valid travel permit before the start of the tournament.


When registering, a final list of participating players must be submitted. No modifications can be made thereafter. Note that only the names specified on the official list of players should be included on the match forms.



5. Player and Coach Eligibility

5.1 ID cards will be verified before each match, and all players or coaches considered ineligible will not be able to play, and the incident will be referred to the Committee who may impose sanctions such as excluding the offending team from the tournament.


5.2 A reservist player must come from the same club. He must play in the same class and a lower category, or a lower class, or a lower category. An unclassified player may be a reserve player for a lower category team of the same class


5.3 You can have unlimited reservist player for the classes A and AA, as well as transferred player.For the L class, use of reserve players is limited to four (4) unless special authorization is given by the Committee.


5.4 A player can not be over classified more than 2 year


5.5 5.5 A maximum of three coaches are permitted to be on the bench/technical area. They must carry a valid ID card which proves their affiliation to their regional Association.

6. Match Registration

6.1 Teams must report to the pitch 30 minutes before the start of the match and report to the pitch Official for verification


6.2 Only match forms authenticated at the time of registration will be accepted before each match. A non-authenticated match form will automatically result in a forfeit of that match


6.3 If a team arrives more than 5 minutes after after the scheduled start of a match, they will forfeit the match and incur a 0-3 loss


6.4 The start of a match may be delayed by 5 minutes if a team has less than the required number of players s shown below:


6.5 4 players constitutes the minimum for 5-a-side soccer
6.6 5 players constitutes the minimum for 7-a-side soccer
6.7 6 players constitutes the minimum for 9-a-side soccer
6.8 8 players constitutes the minimum for 11-a-side soccer


6.9 A team which arrives at a match without the minimum required number of players, regardless of the reason, will forfeit the match

7. Kit and Equipment

7.1 Each player must be identified by a different number, which corresponds with the information on the match form


7.2 In the event two teams wear a similar kit, the team which is designed as the visiting team must change their jerseys or wear bibs. Note that teams must bring their own alternative-coloured jerseys or bibs


7.3 The goalkeeper must wear a different colour from his own and the opposition team


7.4 Jerseys must be worn tucked into shorts


7.5 Shin-pads are compulsory. They must be covered by socks and must offer an appropriate amount of protection


7.6 A player’s clothing and equipment must not present any danger to him/herself or to opponents. No jewellery or piercing may be worn on the field of play

8. Balls

Match balls must be provided by the ‘home’ team


Matches in the U7 category will take place with a size 3 ball. Matches in the U8 to U13 categories will use a size 4, and matches from U14 to U18 will use a size 5 ball.

9. Referees

9.1 The Committee assigns, for each match:

  • 1 referee for 5-a-side matches
  • 1 referee for 7-a-side matches
  • 1 referee and 2 line judges for 9-a-side matches
  • 1 referee and 2 line judges for 11-a-side matches

9.2 The referee is the authority on the pitch at all times


9.3 A written report of all incidents would be made and delivered to ARS Lanaudiere, the Federation de Soccer du Quebec , as well as to the ARS of the team at fault


9.4 The referee will record the match results on the match forms, although the Committee reserves the right to amend a result in the case of an error

10. Duration of Matches

10.1 All matches will consist of 2 halves, with a half-time break of a maximum of 5 minutes


10.2 The match duration will be as follows: 5-a-side soccer: 20 minutes, 7-a-side soccer: 2x 20 minutes for U9 and 2x 25 minutes for U10, 9-a-side soccer: 2x25 minutes, and 11-a-side soccer: 2x 25 minutes


10.3 A six goal deficit in one match will mean the match is automatically completed. In the U7 and U8 categories, the match may continue with the agreement of the losing team.


10.4 In the case of a delay, the Committee may decide to shorten the match duration. In the event of a delayed match, the Committee may decide restrict the duration of other matches in order to recover the schedule. The Committee could also decide not to reschedule a match which has been cancelled due circumstances outside of its control


10.5 The clock will not stop when injuries occur on the field.. The injured play may be replaced by another player and could then return at the next opportunity for a substitution. All players with a blood injury (including the goalkeepers) must leave the pitch. In the event that an injury requires a stoppage in play and treatment on the pitch, the injured player must leave the pitch, with the exception of the goalkeeper. Only the referee can decide if the goalkeeper may remain on the pitch having been injured (due to the importance of the goalkeeper’s role, the referee should allow a reasonable amount of time for an assessment as to whether he or she may continue in the match)

10. Delay, weather, injuries

10.6 If a match is interrupted and cannot be restarted due to adverse weather or serious injury, the result will stand if the match has been played for a minimum of 20 minutes. If the match is interrupted before 20 minutes have been played, the match must continue until a total of 20 minutes has been played. The number of minutes played before the interruption is included in this total. If this is the case after 20 minutes of a semin-final or final match, the winner will be decided by a penalty shootout consisting of 5 kicks per team, as per FIFA rules. This emergency plan will apply to all matches affected by the emergency situation, until the delayto the schedule has been recovered.


10.7 If teams are late arriving, the weather conditions or an injury prevent the start of a match, the duration of the match will be reduced to the schedule remaining time. However, no match duration can be less than 20 minutes.


10.8 If a late arrival, the weather conditions or an injury prevent a match from taking place, the Committee will reduce each match to 20 minutes in order to recovery the schedule


10.9 In the event the weather conditions prevent a the semi-finals or final taking place, the Committee could reduce the match to a penalty shootout (consisting of five kicks per team), if it concludes that it would not be possible to make the time up by the close of the day’s play


10.10 At all times, the Committee may take any other decision required in order to allow play to be resumed, including any modifications to the pitch

11. Substitutions

The number of substitutions permitted is unlimited. However, they can only be made with the approval of the referee at the following times:

  • After a goal
  • Before a goal-kick
  • At half time
  • At the time of an injury – only the injured player may be replaced
  • A team can also make a substitution when there is a throw-in in their favour. If it choses to do so, the opposing team may also make a substitution at this time

12. Discipline/Expulsion

12.1 A player who is gives a red card or a coach who is expelled from the match will automatically be suspended from the next match


12.2 A player who receives two yellow cards or a coach who receives two warnings during a match will also be suspended from the next match


12.3 A player who receives 3 yellow cards during the course of the tournament or a coach who receives 3 warnings during the tournament is automatically suspended from the next match


12.4 A player who receives four yellow cards or two red cards, or a coach who receives 4 warnings or two expulsions, is automatically excluded from the remainder of the tournament


12.5 All cases of expulsion or red cards must be reviewed by the Committee, who may chose to apply additional sanctions, including expulsion from the entire tournament


12.6 All participants or spectators who cause damage or commit acts of vandalism or threatens the referee will be excluded from the tournament and will have to leave the site of the tournament.


12.7 The Committee may exclude a team from the tournament if one or more player supporters of that team are responsible for the words or actions detailed in paragraph 12.6

13. Classifying the Teams

3 points for a win

1 point for a draw

0 points for a loss
-1 point for a forfeited match


In the case of teams being level on points, the position of the teams will be determined by the following criteria in the following order, until a criteria which separates the teams is reached. The team who advances to the semi-finals or final is the team who:

  • Has won the most number of matches

  • Has won the most number of games between the two teams concerned

  • Obtained the highest goal difference

  • Scored the most number of goals

  • Conceded the fewest number of goals

  • Received the fewest red cards

  • Received the fewest yellow cards

14. Draws – Extra-time and penalties

14.1 Extra time will not be played during the preliminary rounds.


14.2 A draw in the semi finals:

  • The result of the match will be determined by a penalty shootout of 5 kicks per team as per FIFA rules. Only the players present on the pitch at the end of the match can take part in the penalty shootout

14.3 A draw in the final:

  • In the case of a draw, after the regulation time, two extra periods of 5 minutes each will take place. The first team to score during this time (a golden goal) will be the winner or the match and the match is ended immediately

  • • If the match remains tied after the extra time, there will be a penalty shootout consisting of five kicks per team as per FIFA rules. Penalties can only be taken by players present on the pitch at the end of the second extra period.

15. Responsibilities of the Teams

15.1 A team which does not present itself for the entirety of the tournament will have its fees retained by the Committee and no refund will be issued.


15.2 Teams are obliged to present themselves at the registration evenings for the verification of ID and match forms.


Teams from outside of the region are permitted to check-in at registration at least one hour and 30 minutes before the start of their first match




Coaches or one of their team representatives may proceed with registering the team.


Documents requires for team registration:

  • Players and coaches affiliation cards
  • Match sheets including one without numbers for our files
  • An original travel permit if it has not already been provided
  • List of players (from the PTS)

16. Special Rules

16.1 During matches, players must remain on the bench at all times, unless that player is taking to the pitch in a substitution


16.2 During the games, the coaches must at all times remain within two meters of their team bench.


16.3 At the end of each match, the referee or any other person representing the Committee, must inform the Committee by cell-phone the result of the match, as well as collect and provide the match forms.


16.4 In all categories except for U7, if a player misses their kick, the ball is automatically returned to the opposing team. For the U7 category, the referee must ask that the player at fault re-attempt the kick


16.5 In all categories, the pass-back to the goalkeeper rule will apply as per FIFA rules


16.6 All cases of unforeseen circumstances, not provided for by these rules and regulations, will be decided by the Committee. All decisions taken as a result are final and without appeal.


17. Dissent

No protests or appeals will be accepted.


18. Bad Weather

The teams must present themselves at the pitch 30 minutes before the start of the match, regardless of the weather. Only the referee and/or the Committee can decide the continuation or stoppage of any match.


19. Cancellation of the Tournament

If the tournament is cancelled before the 1st July, all fees will be refunded. If the tournament is cancelled after this date, all refunds are at the discretion of the Committee. The tournament, the Club de Soccer Terrebonne and Club Soccer Repentigny are not responsible for any other personal or team-related costs.


20. Notes

The tournament, the Club de Soccer Terrebonne and Club Soccer Repentigny are not responsible for any accidents affecting players or anyone accompanying them, including theft or loss, or any ambulance or hospital fees.


Categories by territory:


Repentigny : U7, U9 Local et A, U 11 local et A,U13AA, U16 Local, A et AA, U18 Filles Local, A et AA

Terrebonne : U8 Local et espoir, U10 Local et A, U12 Local, A et AA, U14 Local, A et AA, U15 AA, U18 garçons Local, A et AA


** The rules written in French take precedence over the English one

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